B Week Recap

by Amber Stiles on October 2, 2011

This week was pretty amazing.  Alexa definitely gets that letters make sounds.  She has started to sound out the first letter of words on request.  We started with Ba Ba Ba Balloon starts with Ba Ba Ba *B*!  Now if you ask her what a word starts with she’ll repeat the first syllable and usually get the letter as long as we’ve went over it already.  B & S seem to be hits!

The letter *B* brought us to the library on Monday for books!  We played with dozens of balls and balloons on Thursday then made AND fed birds on Friday.  We also touched on Bees with a movie and a super cute cut-out.

I’ve tried to take an easier approach this week and it seems to be working wonderfully.  Alexa is enjoying the work and is truly “learning through play”.  I think I’ve gotten over the thought that I could be doing more, finding more activities, reading more on the theory of learning, etc.  I’m just glad Alexa is having fun and thriving in this new environment!

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