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by Amber Stiles on April 14, 2012

I am so NOT a minivan person.  I think most people lump themselves into this same category.  Seriously, I hate them.  I’m sure they’re convenient but there’s something about these vehicles that makes me go running in the opposite direction.  I’ve never imagined that I’d ever need one anyway, being “child free” for so many years.  Never wanting kids will negate the need for something that seats 7 in most situations.

When Alexa was born we had no need for a car with more room.  Just one child and two parents.  No pets that took up significant space (or traveled with us) and not a whole lot of luggage if we did go somewhere…there was just no reason to look for a larger car.  Roughly two years ago we purchased/leased two new cars.  One zippy little hatchback and one small sedan.  If I took Alexa and a friend (with their child) anywhere, there was plenty of room for both kiddos and both parents.

Then…dun dun dun…we decided we would try to add to our family.  Uh oh!  How in the world were we going to go anywhere with a friend ever again?  Three car seats weren’t going to fit across my backseat and forget about fitting in two more kids (most of my friends have more than one).  We hemmed and hawed and then decided that it wasn’t worth an upgrade.  I mean…how often do I really drive anyone other than myself and my kids around?

Two weeks ago we took a road trip to DC.  Just over 4 hours away and for 4 days.  The luggage, the stroller, the car seats, and random comfort items….we were FILLED to the brim.  Not only that, but on a few occasions during the drives here and there, I would have liked to be able to sit in the back with the girls.  There were instances when the girls weren’t happy being strapped in.  Emma was DONE with sitting in her seat and I could do nothing to comfort her from the front.  There’s no way I could fit between them in our current car.  Even sitting sideways would’ve been tough.  Emma happens to have one of THE BIGGEST infant seats on the market.  Alexa is in a convertible seat that turns into a booster.  It has cup-holders MAN…it’s wide!

Peter and I discussed it and decided we HAD to take the plunge at get something bigger.  Did we really need a third row?  Not really, but it would be nice.  Then we researched and found a few options that seemed promising.  Problem was, there wasn’t anything in our price range that was wide enough for that one NEED…to fit an adult between the kids.  Back to the drawing board and back to the third row option.  Without keeping minivans on the table there weren’t a lot of affordable ones to choose from.

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Then my old fave came back on the table.  With an “in” at Mazda and a little mommy brain issues…I landed a deal that  was awesome.  You see, I’m dumb and forgetful these days LOL.  Our family friend quoted us a price at Honda for a comparable SUV with a third row (the Pilot).  We went into Mazda first (owned by the same person…just a different location).  When they asked us what Honda had quoted us I messed up and dropped the price by $100.  When the salesman said he wouldn’t be able to touch that price my heart sank.  My dreamy car was slipping away.  I told Peter we would probably be walking away empty handed and heading over to Honda after-all.  Then DUH I realized I had said the wrong price.  When they came back with a quote for the X9 it was UNDER the Honda quote!  My lapse in thinking abilities worked in our favor.  I’m such a hard baller LOL!

Suffice to say we sealed the deal and drove away with our new family car.  A crossover SUV with three rows, AWD, center row climate control, blue tooth audio, heated seats, fancy smancy console, and all sorts of other fun stuff I’ve yet to learn how to use.  I’m terribly excited to get it all set up with the car seats and strollers.  My next food shopping trip will be SO much easier to pack up and unload.  Do you know how much of a mom this whole saga makes me feel?  I mean the car is hot, but I’m way too excited to own something that could fit 3 more kids HA!

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allisonthemeep April 16, 2012 at 2:52 am

That sounds so awesome. We are in the place right now of needing a bigger vehicle, but I really don’t want to drive a minivan. I probably will, just because you can haul so much crap around in them, but MAN. It’s going to take some getting used to that idea.


Amber Stiles April 20, 2012 at 6:01 pm

NOOOOOOOOOOO say no! LOL….I’m not sure why I care really. They’re far more economical, but I just fell in love with the Mazda. My neighbors have the same one in black, I blame them ;D


stoopmama April 20, 2012 at 1:48 pm

YES. YES for saying “NO!” to the minivan. Good for you!



Amber Stiles April 20, 2012 at 6:02 pm

Now that you’re in the burbs they will be pushed on you too….especially if you ever grow another babe ;D


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