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by Amber Stiles on June 29, 2012

Welcome Backwards Life’s newest sponsor!

I first stumbled upon Goat Milk Stuff in 2009 when Alexa was a wee one suffering from eczema.  I ordered their Purity and Calendula bar soap in hopes of getting my babe’s skin calm and smooth again.  I fell in love with their products for our whole family.  The solid lotion was one of my all time faves.  I use the laundry bar daily in my homemade detergent.  Everything I’ve ever purchased from this family run business has been shipped ridiculously fast, packaged adorably, produced impeccably, and wonderfully scented.

Let’s here what the family has to say about their business (taken from their about page with PJ’s permission):

We live in rural Indiana on a 3 acre homestead where we homeschool our eight children. Our small herd of Alpine dairy goats roams the pasture in the back. At various times in the past we’ve also had a dairy cow, sheep, turkeys, chickens, bees, rabbits, and pigs. But, we’ve found these animals, while beautiful in God’s eyes, don’t necessarily make great soap so we’ve chosen to simplify and go with the goats.

PJ’s adventures into soapmaking originated five years ago out of her desire to not use chemicals on the children’s skin. Since she enjoyed making soap and was so impressed with its quality, she turned it into a family business. In 2008, Goat Milk Stuff was born, and PJ has since drafted the entire family into her adventures. From the initial milking of the goats to the final bagging of the soap, all our goat milk soaps are handmade by the members of our family.

The smell of sweet success is probably the best part of our business. The hard work of our family lingers in the wonderful scents that grace our home (and when you have so many boys, a little help in the scent department is a huge benefit!) I tell people, drop by anytime. I can’t guarantee the house will be clean but I promise it will smell good!

Goat Milk Stuff

PJ is offering all Backwards Life readers a 10% discount on orders placed through 7/31/12. Use code “amber“.
After you’re done shopping, head on over to Facebook and like their page….while you’re at it, follow Goat Milk Stuff on Twitter!

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Little Big / Carrie Anne June 29, 2012 at 2:56 pm


(I was going to delete that, but it is a message from Squirrelly, so there you go.)

I am so checking this soap out! You know how I feel about goats. Awesome.


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