Emma’s First Foods

by Amber Stiles on July 2, 2012

Ok….so here’s the thing. I know I said I was against feeding babies early. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. But Emma has been begging for food like a puppy every time I eat in front of her. She genuinely seems to want to eat. I’m not sure if that means anything really, but we’re giving it a shot. If nothing else she’ll just taste something while I eat and not scream at me like I’m withholding something from her.

Now, I’m not just doing this just because I feel like it. Emma has met the criteria for infant readiness for solids and has been given the go ahead by our [trusted] pediatrician.

Anywho, Emma seemed to enjoy the process.  I smushed up a banana since it’s mild and easy on the tummy.  She likes taste.  LOL….I guess most people do ;D  As you can see from the short video clip below she basically just played with it.  That’s what babies do.  They push food around their mouth to learn what it is.  Eventually she will learn to actually eat the food she’s mouthing, but right now this is all about playing and experimentation.

I remember when Alexa first started to eat solids.  I was overjoyed and super excited.  I couldn’t wait to have something else to do with her.  This time around I really did want to wait.  I wanted to do “baby led weaning” – which means you give older babies larger chunks of solid food that they actually chew.  I didn’t want to go through Alexa’s texture issues and aversion to sandwiches, HA.  Time and time again I’m reminded that they are two COMPLETELY different babies and are on their own schedules.

The best advice when considering starting solid foods for your baby is to “Watch the Baby – Not the Calendar” This is true for both breastfed and formula fed infants. Follow your baby’s hunger cues and you’ll never go wrong. ~ Wholesome Baby Food

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