Medifast Food Info – Week 2

by Amber Stiles on July 21, 2012

I’m going to preface this by admitting I had a craptastic week…emotionally and nutritionally.  I wallowed and I made bad choices.  Today I start anew, again.  I’m not weighing myself because I don’t want bad news right now.  I totally understand that this is a defense mechanism and I’m ok with that.

OOoooooK, now that confession time is over I want to talk about what my real diet consists of.  I’m basically eating 3 Medifast meals with healthy regular foods mixed in.  I’m super picky but have grown accustomed to the shakes and bars on the plan so those are what I stocked up on.

I make up two shakes in the morning.  One for me and one of Peter to drink on his way to work.  We’re both on the plan which is great, but the plan is only as strong as me since we’ll both “cheat” if I want junk food :-/ I like having him on plan with me to a point, but I need to learn not to lean on anyone for dieting strength because it only works if *I* want it to!

Enough about my mental hang ups.  Back to the food.  I wasn’t willing to give up my new healthy choices and routines so I was initially hesitant to start this program.  Then, of course, I found the breastfeeding info and realized I could still eat my fruits and veggies…and still COOK.  I don’t normally love to cook, but with the advent of Pinterest I’ve been collecting tons of healthful recipes.

I do have some exciting news.  Our new elliptical came in and is set up!  Peter and I have both been working out daily.  Of course “cheating” on the diet creeped in because “HELLO I’m working out, duh!” but yeah that’s dumb and over now.  Diet AND exercise are equally important.  I need good fuel to keep my mind and body happy…and I need exercise to do the same!

Come back next Saturday where I hope to have even more good news and less of me :-)

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Denise July 24, 2012 at 3:17 pm

Everyone has setbacks. You’ll do great this week.


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