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Hi, my name is

and I’ll be your tour guide here on Backwards Life.  Thank you for stopping by and checking me out.  I’m thrilled to have you with me and hope you’ll stay a while.

I am a 30-something mother of two little girls and the partner to one pretty great guy, Peter.  In our backwards fashion we’re not married yet.  Truth be told…I couldn’t care less.  Kids and a house are JUST as legally binding…HA!

I may use colorful language that makes some wince.  That’s me though.  If you know me in real life you don’t I find it hard to hold my tongue.  I strive to be sincere and honest even if it gets uncomfortable at times.

You’re probably new here and want to find out what this blog is all about.  Well I’ll break it down for you : -)

Being a Mom

I have a two adorable girls.  Alexa is three and Emma is a few months.  You’ll see many many posts about my adventures in parenting, especially the newness of my “mother of two” status.  I love these little people with all of my heart and I spill it all over the page.  For the weary…there may be a bit of TMI regarding bodily functions, pregnancy, and breastfeed.  Life is messy and so is my brain.

My Multicultural Family

My Peter happens to be Vietnamese so our daughters are half White-ish and half Asian.  I write a lot about our family’s customs and holidays.  It’s important to me that we form our own traditions while honoring those of Peter’s heritage.  I hope to start learning to cook some more Viet and Asian foods so they grow up with a well developed pallete.  I go to great lengths to make sure my kids know where they come from.  Maybe I’ll start working on my side of their heritage a bit better soon :-)

My Home

We own a very old house that we’ve renovated as much as we can possibly stand.  I tend to write about my sad attempts at gardening…I’m a killer of live things that don’t tell me they need to eat.  Plants really need to learn to cry!  I also talk a LOT about all things domestic (cleaning, cooking, organizing, etc).

Life Long Learning

I ADORE school.  I would stay there forever and ever and ever if I had the time and the money.  That said, I have a teaching certification because I thought I wanted to use my love of education to spread it to the next generation.  Now I’m not sure if that will ever happen, but I’m happy to have taking the time to learn about the school systems.  Right now I use this love to teach a little Preschool at Home.  Once the kids are in school, I want to be an advocate for them, and I know how now.

If you like what you see, then I’m sure we’ll be fast friends.  I’m also over on Facebook and Twitter so if there’s anything more you’d like to know about – keep reading or chat with me there!

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