Multicultural Family

I’m Obsessed With Biracial Baby Pictures

by Amber Stiles on July 30, 2012

Here’s my confession, I’m completely obsessed with looking at pictures of biracial babies.  If I find a blogger that has half Asian kids  I will dig through her archives to find pictures of her kids at various ages. I guess I want proof that my children have a chance of looking at least a little bit like […]


Multicultural Monday – Vietnamese Lessons For Kids

by Amber Stiles on June 25, 2012

How in the world do you teach preschoolers a second language without full immersion??  Alexa is resistant to the idea that there are multiple ways to say the same thing.  A bed is a bed is a bed in her world.  I mean, it was up until a few weeks ago when we decided to […]


Multicultural Monday – Play Dates With Bà Nội

by Amber Stiles on June 18, 2012

For the last few weeks Alexa has been spending one day a week with Peter’s mother.  Grandma Kim…or Bà Nội in Vietnamese.  Alexa loves these scheduled play dates and I get a “day off” from two kids.  I’m seriously grateful to Kim for helping me.  Having two kids isn’t as hard as I had expected, but […]


Raising Bilingual Kids – Learning Vietnamese

by Amber Stiles on May 28, 2012

Welcome to my new series here on Backwards Life.  I talked about this in my 6 word story post, but let me explain it fully.  From now until eternity (heehee) I’ll start the week off with a story about some aspect of our multicultural family.  More specifically….our Asian European American fusion and what that means for us […]


Six Word Story

by Amber Stiles on May 24, 2012

Unfortunately I couldn’t attend both the business and the writing breakouts at BBC, but what I did learn from word of mouth was that I needed to develop a “six word story” for my blog. Call it a short elevator pitch like Problogger does. While I was sitting in the sessions I did attend the […]

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